If you need to have a prescription refilled other than when you are visiting our office, please use the Patient Portal. To access the Patient Portal, please go to our Home Page where there is a link. If you have trouble setting up the Patient Portal, please call the help desk at 617-636-5418. The Patient Portal is the fastest, most convenient way to have your refills done but if you prefer to call our office, please have the following information ready:

  • Your name
  • Your DOB
  • Your doctor’s name
  • What prescription you want refilled
  • Name and location of drug store

Please have your medicine bottle near the phone when calling so that all the information can be given to our secretary. Before calling for a prescription, check your prescription bottle to make sure you don’t already have refills left. It will say in small print on the bottle if there are refills left. If you have remaining refills, call the pharmacy to refill your prescription.

Please remember that we do reserve the right to refuse to refill prescriptions for patients we have not seen for some time, as the medications may no longer be needed or the dosage may be improper. We may ask you to be seen prior to the refill.

After hours
Please do not call the office after hours for prescription refills. Refills are more easily and efficiently handled during routine day-time business hours.